The right farming equipment can help to boost the productivity of your livestock business. From trailers to water tanks, there is a wide range of equipment that you’ll need to make your enterprise a success. Investing in good-quality products you can rely on is essential for any farmer. You can find farm equipment for sale on AgriMag.

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A trailer is a necessary investment when you’re operating a livestock farm. This product will save you the inconvenience and expense of hiring a trailer when you need to transport your animals. Trailers are a flexible piece of equipment that you can use for many tasks around your farm. This equipment is also important to own if you need to transport an animal in an emergency situation.

Corral systems and headgates

A corral system is used to keep your livestock in one place when required. Choose a corral system that is big enough to accommodate your animals safely and comfortably. You can place this small enclosure in a field where your animals have access to grazing, shade, and water. Corral systems that have been created for cattle can include additional features, such as adjustable alley components. Some variations come with area panels as well as adjustable alley gates. Another piece of equipment that you need for cattle farming is a headgate, which is used when the animals are branded. Headgates are also used during visits from the vet. There are four main types of headgates to choose from, including self-catching and positive-control variations. You’ll also have the option of buying a scissors-stanchion or a fully opening stanchion variation.


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Manure spreader

Livestock generates large amounts of manure that needs to be managed quickly and efficiently. A manure spreader is used to distribute the manure across the ground, which boosts soil fertility and improves hygiene. Proper manure management also plays a role in reducing flies. It’s advisable to invest in a tractor-driven manure spreader as these models can carry larger loads.

Food and water

Providing animals with good quality food and water is an essential part of any livestock farm. Owning the right farming equipment adds convenience to your daily operations and promotes efficiency. A feed mixer is a must-have piece of equipment. This machine shreds and mixes a variety of products so that you can provide the animals with quality food. It’s possible to put whole bales into the feed mixer without cutting it first, which reduces the time that it takes to prepare the food. Animals require large amounts of water which means that you’ll need to install large tanks on your farm. Waterers are used for cattle farming. The number of water tanks or waterers that you invest in will depend on the number of animals you have on your farm. Make sure that the troughs are kept full of water that is safe for the animals to drink. Good hygiene is also essential when it comes to taking care of the water equipment.


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Now that you know what farming equipment you need, you can find products for sale on AgriMag . Good-quality, second-hand equipment enables you to purchase what you need without exceeding your budget. It’s worthwhile investing in the right equipment as it can improve the profitability of your livestock farm. While it may require an initial outlay of capital, it will save you money in the long run.


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