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As the biggest digital Agricultural Marketplace in South Africa, AgriMag has a large inventory of Planting and Seeding Equipment for sale online. Our platform is easy to use and finding the right products to suit your exact requirements is possible on our website.

How to find planting and seeding equipment on AgriMag

Our user-friendly search navigation tool is geared for and linked to our extensive online inventory of Planting and Seeding Equipment. Buying and selling Planting and Seeding Equipment is made simple and our categories and filters will help you narrow down your search for the right piece of equipment.

Our search results populate automatically, so once users have selected their respective filter options, they will be presented with all the various Planting and Seeding Equipment in the search results that best match their relevant search criteria.

What are Planting and Seeding Equipment?

When it comes to farming, planting and seeding is a task that is the most critical. Farmers must ensure that their crops are planted correctly. Without successful planting and seeding, our nation would not have food to eat and survive. As farming has become more technical over the years, planting and seeding machinery have evolved to ensure the sowing of healthy and good crops. Planting and seeding machinery is usually towed or drawn behind a tractor and the Planting and Seeding Equipment category on AgriMag is therefore made up of several subcategories.

Planting and Seeding Equipment | AgriMag

Our Planting and Seeding Equipment category overview

Our Planting and Seeding Equipment category is divided into many sub-categories that cater to the various types of equipment and products used in the process of sowing crops. Users searching for Planting and Seeding Equipment on AgriMag will be presented with the following subcategory segments:

  • Drawn planters - This farm implement is usually towed behind a tractor and is able to sow (plant) seeds in rows across a field. It is usually connected to a tractor with a drawbar or a three-point hitch.
  • Row planters - Evenly spaced planters that allow farmers to plant their seeds in rows that are equidistant.
  • No-till planters - These planters are used when zero tillage is required. The soil bed is not tilled before planting and these planters are able to drill into the soil without disturbing it too much.
  • Seeders - Machines used for sowing seeds mechanically.
  • Integral planters and Semi-integral planters - Machines typically used to sow larger seeds.

Planting and Seeding Equipment | AgriMag

Our Planting and Seeding Equipment category also lists a number of air carts and grain carts for sale.

Once a user has located their necessary subcategory within the Planting and Seeding Equipment category, they are then able to further filter their search using the following filters:

  • Condition
  • Make
  • Price
  • Year of production
  • Location

Finding Planting and Seeding Equipment has never been easier than searching on AgriMag.

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