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What is a Crane Truck?

A crane truck is an automotive truck that is fitted with an operational boom arm behind the vehicle cab. These machines are very functional because the boom arm can be fitted with several attachments like hooks, grabs, and slings to provide a wide range of applications. The truck itself becomes the ballast for the boom arm, allowing it to perform its many functions by utilising stability arms or outriggers to keep it grounded. Crane trucks come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to light, medium, and heavy.

What is a crane truck and how to buy and sell one | AgriMag

What is the purpose of a Crane Truck for farming?

When it comes to lifting and transporting farming equipment and material, a crane truck is an essential piece of equipment. Because these vehicles can perform both tasks, they are a necessity for some farmers whose operation requires their services. When fitted with hooks, slings, or grabs they become very versatile machines.

How to find a Crane Truck on AgriMag

How to find a crane truck for sale on AgriMag

From the AgriMag home page, you can select the Trucks section on the search block and select Crane Truck from the category dropdown list. You can further filter your search by make or region if needed.

You can also navigate to the Trucks section on AgriMag and select Crane Truck in the category menu. You can then further refine your search by the type of Crane Truck you are looking for, the condition, make, price, region, and year of manufacture.

On the search result pages, you will be presented with all the results that match your search criteria. You can open each advert listing where you will find further details about the unit and the seller's contact information.

How to buy a used Crane Truck

When buying a crane truck, there are key factors buyers should consider:

  • Establish why the crane truck is being sold.
  • Try to get some idea of its working past.
  • Understand its maintenance history and establish if it has had any previous damage or mechanical work done to it.
  • Consider if any parts need immediate replacing, what they might cost, and if they are easily sourced.

Extra things to check out if you are a buying a Crane Truck:

  1. Check the engine and its components.
  2. Ensure the truck is running well, is mechanically sound, and has been well maintained.
  3. Check the chassis frame to make sure it's sturdy and reliable and that it’s holding the crane and trailer securely.
  4. Ensure you inspect the steering, pedals, and controls as well as the general condition of the interior.
  5. Check the truck’s tyres for wear and tear.
  6. Inspect the boom arm to make sure its hydraulic and mechanical systems are sound.
  7. Inspect the outriggers to make sure they have been maintained and are functioning properly.
  8. And finally, check the mileage of the truck.

It would be beneficial to have an operator on hand to demonstrate the working order of the truck and its crane to ensure you are making a sound investment.

How to sell a used Crane Truck

When it comes to selling a used Crane Truck, the best place to do this is on AgriMag.

It is advised that as much information is given as possible about the Crane Truck being sold. Information about the following points will go a long way in helping you to sell your Crane Truck.

  1. Sellers must provide all the basic listing information relating to application, make, model, price, mileage, and year of manufacture.

  2. When it comes to providing a detailed description of the unit, sellers should provide information regarding the following components of the Crane Truck being advertised for sale:

    • The condition of the truck.
    • The engine and its components.
    • The condition of the truck’s tyres and tread.
    • The integrity of the frame and chassis.
    • The condition steering and controls.
    • The boom arm condition outlining mechanical and hydraulic systems.
    • The outriggers or stability arms.
    • And finally, the general condition and structural integrity of the unit.

Advertise your new or used Crane Truck for sale on AgriMag today!

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