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Agrico Tillage equipment D630 Disc Harrow

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Agrico Disc harrows Tillage equipment for Sale

Western Cape - Cape Town
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Tough A robust and rigid welded frame ensures stability and reliability. Safety mechanism allows the discs to break away individually when hitting rocks to prevent damage. Fast High working speed ensures excellent performance and dramatically improved productivity. The HSD630 can work up to double the speed of standard discs. Aggressive An aggressive working angle accompanied by triple-sealed, self-aligning ball bearings make the HSD630 the ultimate tillage beast. Carefully designed disc angles provide optimal material flow without debris build-up, while cutting residual material and mixing the correct amount into the soil. A reversible roller cage supports either aggressive soil mixing or soil consolidation. Durable An individual rubber reset mechanism safeguards all discs and bearings, while a durable seal protects the bearing from moisture, dirt and dust. High quality tensile steel and maintenance-free bearings ensure longevity. Individually suspended discs are designed to follow field contours and safely trip out over large rocks, immediately resetting back into the soil. Versatile Roller serves as depth control with an easily adjustable hole-in-pin mechanism. Optional rollers available for soil consolidation, leveling and depth control.

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