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Damsak Structures and dams 3 500L Damsak

R 4,350 + VAT

Damsak Water bladders Structures and dams for Sale

Gauteng - Cullinan
Updated: 101d ago

- Damsak® is a cost effective, patented bladder reservoir for nearly all liquids. - Manufactured since 2007 from polyester reinforced potable grade, plasticised polyvinyl-chloride (PVC), making it exceptionally strong. - The special shape causes a Damsak® to rise up while being filled without any additional structure needed. - Damsak® has a longer lifespan than conventional mesh and vinyl reservoirs. - Our very first Damsak® that was manufactured in 2007 is still operational and in very good condition. - Algae will not grow inside. Water is stored in a closed and dark environment. - Damsak® is a closed tank, there is no evaporation or contamination.

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