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Disc mowers Haymaking and silage for Sale

North West - Brits
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The Orbach range of disc mowers are available in both trailed and hitched models. These mowers feature some of the best cutterbeds available on the market, manufactured by our European partner, Samasz, Poland. The rest of the components, like the frames are manufactured locally by Orbach Agri, so spares are generally readily available. Different widths are available, starting from 2.4m on the lift, up to 4.3m trailed models. These mowers are very easy to maintain, and simple to operate. Mower conditioners are also available in the form of segmented rubber rollers, which makes it very economical to repair in the event of damage caused. Only the damaged segment of the roller can be repaired, no need to replace a complete roller at huge costs. The frames are built very strong and sturdy, and the safety curtains are 1mm thick PVC for your protection. The lift models feature a breakaway device to protect the cutterbed when a large object gets hit, so the whole machine can fold backwards. The curtain frame is connected to the end of the cutterbed to provide support when lifted vertically. The trailed model’s drawbars are centre pivot, which enables the operator to cut left, right, or behind the tractor. Two versions of the cutterbeds are available: 1. PERFECT CUT This cutterbed is one of the strongest on the market, the preferred choice for many farmers and mowing contractors. Main features: Fully welded cutterbed. Seperate line of big spur gears for main drive. Skids covering complete cutterbed, nothing exposed. Wearing plates clipping onto skids – not an expensive part to replace when worn. Quick release knives changing mechanism. 2. ECOCUT This is our entry-level cutterbed and is ideal for farmers cutting up to 50 ha a year. It should preferably be used on known fields that are fairly clean. The EcoCut mowers are very well priced, and it’s a perfect solution for any farther that needs a quality mower to make hay effectively. Power demand is as little as 45 kW, so small tractors can be used. Main features: Bolted cutterbed. Inline disc gears, separated by idler gears. Shear key on shafts for protection against big stones and other objects. Quick release knives changing mechanism. Both are gear driven and oil lubricated.

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