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R 30,000

Farms Property for Sale

North West -
Updated: 174d ago

A stand in Ratjiepane (Hammanskraal) outside north of Pretoria up for grab. This stand is suitable for small scale animal and poultry farming. NB! kindly take not the purpose of my advert is not to sell the land but rather the things that I found in that pierce of land. The size of the stand is 60m by 48m (square meters). The aforesaid stand contain the following things: 1. A big 2 room IBR Zozo (size 7m by 4.5m) 2. Electricity and DSTV 3. Fenced right round (This stand is divided into 2 parts. First part cater for my house and second part is housed my animals) 4. Flush toilet, drainage and septic tank 5. 2 coops for goats and chickens 6. Jojo stand This stand currently house cattles, goats, geese, chickens and guinea fowls. It is in a secure area safe for livestock and crime is very low here.

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